Koncepts Salon, Spa & Barber

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Look Inside


Welcome to a wonderful feeling . . . .

Our Services

  look inside photo   Koncepts Salon, Spa & Barber operates on the notion that you feel as good as you look, and look as good as you feel. Often, the feeling of well being and the way you’re perceived by others depend largely on how you feel about yourself. So, we believe that we help you look and feel your best, the best will come to you.

Koncepts is a modern upscale boutique salon, spa and barbershop that provides fashion forward and contemporary classic styles and spa services to men and women in a relaxing and intimate environment. The cool tones, modern styles, lounge infused sounds, and professional and friendly staff provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

The mission of Koncepts stems from the ability to bring to life visions through personalized service where style and trend begin as an abstract idea, and is konceived into your own personal attitude.

Hair Services
Nail Care
Make-Up & Eye Lashes
Body Waxing
Spa Services